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‘A truth in art is that whose ​contradictory is also true.’

Oscar Wilde


Josje Weusten is a novelist, writer, and academic. She holds a ​PhD in literary studies and is an alumna of Faber Academy ​London. Josje teaches literature, poetry, and creative writing ​at Maastricht University, the most international university in ​the Netherlands.

She is, however, first and foremost, a writer of fiction. Her ​main aim is to write tongue-in-cheek, thought-provoking ​fiction dealing with current questions of identity, taking to ​heart Oscar Wilde’s words that ‘A truth in art is that whose ​contradictory is also true.’

Her short stories have appeared in Litbreak Magazine (NY). ​Low Hanging Fruit, and Flash Fiction Magazine (NY). Her ​work has been nominated for Best Small Fictions (2024 ​edition) by Altcurrent Press in the category of microfiction. ​She is the founder and editor of Telling Stories Magazine.

Her debut novel Fake Fish will be published by Sparsile ​Books LTD (UK, Glasgow) in November 2024. Sparsile ​Books is an independent publisher, specialising in literary ​fiction and high-quality non-fiction.

Josje Weusten

Writer of ​tongue-in-cheek, ​thought ​provoking ​literary fiction

Fake Fish

A novel

Short Stories & Poetry


Josje Weusten


nominated for

Best Small Fictions ​(2024 edition)

by AlTcurRent Press ​in the category of ​microfiction

  • The Stuff Stories Are Made Of. In ​Mosaiek Magazine.

  • Several poems and prose pieces. In ​Stephenson, P. & Wyatt, S. (eds.), ​Letters in Lockdown. An Anthology. ​Maastricht: Maastricht University ​Press.

  • Several poems. In Stephenson, P., ​Wyatt, S. & Parkinson, J. (eds.), ​Quarantine Spring. Maastricht: ​Maastricht University Press.

Essays & Papers


Josje Weusten
  • Eindeloze buien. Rachel Cusk en ​de donkere kanten van het ​moederschap. Lover. Tijdschrift ​over feminisme, cultuur en ​wetenschap, 34(4), 20-21.
  • Narrative constructions of ​motherhood and autism. Reading ​embodied language beyond ​binary oppositions. Journal of ​Literary and Cultural Disability ​Studies, 5(1), 53-70.

  • An attack on a romanticized ​discourse on motherhood? ​Representations of murderous ​mothers in Dutch novels. Journal ​of the Motherhood Initiative for ​Research and Community ​Involvement, 1(1), 185-195.
  • Dutch literary fiction post WWII. ​In B, Bechtold & D. Cooper ​(Eds.), An encyclopaedia of ​infanticide. New York: Edwin ​Mellen Press.
  • Unravelling the mechanisms of ​the beauty industry. Concretizing ​discourse analysis. ​Transformations: The Journal of ​Inclusive Scholarship and Pedagogy, ​xix(2), 129-134.

Literary ​Fiction

Gender and ​Diversity ​Studies

Disability ​Studies


Discourse ​analysis

Creative Writing


Josje Weusten Creative Writing Teaching

Josje is the winner of one of the ​Education Awards 2022, ​Faculty of Arts & Social ​Sciences, Maastricht University.

Josje is deeply passionate about writing and literature and loves to ​teach creative writing, as well as cultural and literary theory, ​which she has been doing for nearly two decades now.

She strongly believes that honing one's creative writing skills ​opens up ways to a deeper understanding and enjoyment of ​literature, and vice versa. In her courses and workshops, she thus ​combines hands-on creative practices with theoretical insights.

Her flagship courses are Telling Stories and Pop songs & Poetry


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  • November 2024, Book Launch Fake Fish, Glasgow, Scotland (UK).

  • February-March 2024, Telling Stories. Creative Writing Course, ​University College Maastricht, The Netherlands.

  • January 22, 2024, Speculative Fiction Creative Writing Workshop, ​Master Contemporary Literature & Arts, FASoS, Maastricht ​University.
Josje Weusten


Josje is more than happy to make time to talk about her novel ​Fake Fish, creative writing, literature and/or poetry. Drop her a ​line and she will get back to you a.s.a.p.


Josje Weusten

If you want to book Josje for a ​creative writing workshop or course, ​or if you want to invite her for a ​lecture, talk or signing session, feel ​free to reach out.

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